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Division 3

League table

The league table will appear here once some matches have been played.

Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
26 AprilAppleton Roebuck 1--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
26 AprilBubwith 1--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
26 AprilRacquets 2--Wigginton 3--Cancelled
26 AprilRowntree Park 1--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
3 MayAppleton Roebuck 1--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
3 MayHarrogate Spa 1--Racquets 2--Cancelled
3 MayPoppleton 2--Wigginton 3--Cancelled
3 MayRowntree Park 2--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
17 MayBubwith 1--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
17 MayRacquets 2--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
17 MayRowntree Park 1--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
17 MayWigginton 3--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
24 MayWigginton 3--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
31 MayAppleton Roebuck 1--Racquets 2--Cancelled
31 MayBubwith 1--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
31 MayPoppleton 2--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
31 MayRowntree Park 2--Wigginton 3--Cancelled
7 JuneHarrogate Spa 1--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
7 JuneRacquets 2--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
7 JuneRowntree Park 1--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
7 JuneWigginton 3--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
14 JuneAppleton Roebuck 1--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
14 JuneBubwith 1--Wigginton 3--Cancelled
14 JunePoppleton 2--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
14 JuneRowntree Park 1--Racquets 2--Cancelled
21 JuneHarrogate Spa 1--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
21 JuneRacquets 2--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
21 JuneRowntree Park 2--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
28 JuneHarrogate Spa 1--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
28 JunePoppleton 2--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
28 JuneRowntree Park 2--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
5 JulyBubwith 1--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
5 JulyRacquets 2--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
5 JulyRowntree Park 1--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
5 JulyWigginton 3--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
12 JulyAppleton Roebuck 1--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
12 JulyHarrogate Spa 1--Wigginton 3--Cancelled
12 JulyPoppleton 2--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
12 JulyRowntree Park 2--Racquets 2--Cancelled
19 JulyHarrogate Spa 1--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
19 JulyRacquets 2--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
19 JulyRowntree Park 1--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
19 JulyWigginton 3--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
2 AugustWigginton 3--Racquets 2--Cancelled
16 AugustAppleton Roebuck 1--Wigginton 3--Cancelled
16 AugustBubwith 1--Racquets 2--Cancelled
16 AugustPoppleton 2--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
16 AugustRowntree Park 2--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
23 AugustHarrogate Spa 1--Appleton Roebuck 1--Cancelled
23 AugustRacquets 2--Rowntree Park 1--Cancelled
23 AugustRowntree Park 2--Poppleton 2--Cancelled
30 AugustWigginton 3--Bubwith 1--Cancelled
6 SeptemberAppleton Roebuck 1--Rowntree Park 2--Cancelled
6 SeptemberBubwith 1--Harrogate Spa 1--Cancelled
6 SeptemberPoppleton 2--Racquets 2--Cancelled
6 SeptemberRowntree Park 1--Wigginton 3--Cancelled

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