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Division 4

League table

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Fixtures & results

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DateHome teamResultAway teamGame
26 AprilDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--Selby 1--Cancelled
26 AprilKnaresborough 1--Heworth 1--Cancelled
26 AprilStrensall 1--Wetherby 2--Cancelled
26 AprilYork 3--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
3 MayHeworth 1--Wetherby 2--Cancelled
3 MayKnaresborough 1--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
3 MaySelby 1--York 3--Cancelled
3 MayStarbeck 2--Strensall 1--Cancelled
10 MayStrensall 1--Heworth 1--Cancelled
17 MayDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--Heworth 1--Cancelled
17 MayStrensall 1--Selby 1--Cancelled
17 MayWetherby 2--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
17 MayYork 3--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
31 MayDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--York 3--Cancelled
31 MayHeworth 1--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
31 MayKnaresborough 1--Strensall 1--Cancelled
31 MaySelby 1--Wetherby 2--Cancelled
7 JuneStarbeck 2--Selby 1--Cancelled
7 JuneStrensall 1--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
7 JuneWetherby 2--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
7 JuneYork 3--Heworth 1--Cancelled
14 JuneDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--Wetherby 2--Cancelled
14 JuneHeworth 1--Selby 1--Cancelled
14 JuneKnaresborough 1--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
14 JuneYork 3--Strensall 1--Cancelled
21 JuneSelby 1--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
21 JuneStarbeck 2--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
21 JuneWetherby 2--York 3--Cancelled
28 JuneHeworth 1--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
28 JuneSelby 1--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
28 JuneStarbeck 2--York 3--Cancelled
28 JuneWetherby 2--Strensall 1--Cancelled
5 JulyDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
5 JulyStrensall 1--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
5 JulyWetherby 2--Heworth 1--Cancelled
5 JulyYork 3--Selby 1--Cancelled
12 JulyHeworth 1--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
12 JulyKnaresborough 1--York 3--Cancelled
12 JulySelby 1--Strensall 1--Cancelled
12 JulyStarbeck 2--Wetherby 2--Cancelled
19 JulyStarbeck 2--Heworth 1--Cancelled
19 JulyStrensall 1--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
19 JulyWetherby 2--Selby 1--Cancelled
19 JulyYork 3--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
16 AugustDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--Strensall 1--Cancelled
16 AugustHeworth 1--York 3--Cancelled
16 AugustKnaresborough 1--Wetherby 2--Cancelled
16 AugustSelby 1--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
23 AugustSelby 1--Heworth 1--Cancelled
23 AugustStarbeck 2--Knaresborough 1--Cancelled
23 AugustStrensall 1--York 3--Cancelled
23 AugustWetherby 2--David Lloyd Harrogate 2--Cancelled
6 SeptemberDavid Lloyd Harrogate 2--Starbeck 2--Cancelled
6 SeptemberHeworth 1--Strensall 1--Cancelled
6 SeptemberKnaresborough 1--Selby 1--Cancelled
6 SeptemberYork 3--Wetherby 2--Cancelled

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